IANTD divers across the globe are actively involved in a diverse range of fascinating and exciting diving projects. From cutting edge wreck exploration to the mapping of remote unexplored cave systems, IANTD divers are true pioneers that set the standard for underwater exploration.

Here at IANTD UK, we want to hear about your diving projects! If you're an IANTD diver involved in an exciting dive project that's ahead of the curve then we want to hear all about it. Send an expedition report (with photos) to us at expeditions@iantd.uk.com and we may feature it here on the IANTD UK website.
IANTD divers across the world share a quality that sets them apart from the rest - a hunger for exploration fed by an unquenchable drive to further our understanding of the underwater world. IANTD divers aren't just dive tourists - they're active explorers involved in cutting-edge diving projects in a diverse range of environments. From the frozen seas of antartica and the remote cave systems of Siberia, to the deep wartime wrecks laying undiscovered off the coast of Malta, IANTD divers are pushing the boundaries of dive exploration...

As an IANTD diver, you're a member of one of the world's largest communities of active technical divers. We want to get more IANTD divers involved in exploration projects - providing you're suitably qualified, experienced and 'dived up', you too could be involved in any one of the exciting dive projects featured on our website. Full contact details are provided with all expeditions.